China Custom Ie4 High Efficiency 3pH General Purpose Electric AC Motor Ye4 112 wholesaler

Merchandise Description

The YE4 series of ultra large performance 3 period asychronous motors with higher stength solid iron structure, have the attributes of extremely higher efficiency, large dependability, gorgeous apperance, low sound, minor vibration, can be used to enthusiast,pump, compressor,development machinery and other machines that need vitality-conserving and continuous procedure.

Body measurement: 80-450mm
Rated Output: .seventy five-375kw
Poles: 2-4-6-8-ten
Defense diploma: IP55
Insulation: F or H
Cooling way:IC411
ambitent temperature: -15 to +40ºC
S1, solid iron physique.

our manufacturing range:

we are good at AC motor with IEC/NEMA/GOST regular motor as underneath:

IEC—-frame dimension:80-560, .12kw to 2000kw with 220~1100V, standard goal
      —-frame measurement:eighty-560, .12kw to 2000kw with 220~1100V,Explosion proof ExdIIBT4+CT4

IEC—-body dimension:355-900,  250kw to 5000kw with 3000~11000V,common function
      —-body measurement:355-900,  250kw to 5000kw with 3000~11000V,Explosion evidence ExdIIBT4+CT4

NEMA—-body size: 143T-449T, 1hp to 300hp with 230-690V, standard objective
          —-body dimensions: 143T-449T, 1hp to 300hp with 230-690V, Explosion evidence ExdIIBT4

GOST—-body dimensions: sixty three-560, .12kw to 2000kw with 220~1100V, basic goal
          —-body dimensions: sixty three-450, 0.12kw to 1500kw with 220~1100V, Explosion proof ExdIIBT4

 GOST—-frame measurement: 355-560,  185kw to 2500kw with 3000~11000V, common purpose
           —-frame dimensions: 355-560,  185kw to 2500kw with 3000~11000V,Explosion evidence ExdIIBT4

Certificate: ISO9001/CCC/CE0123/ATEX/CCS/CSA/UL/TUV…

AC motors are also diverse from DC motors since most AC motors do not include brushes. This implies that upkeep and areas replacement demands for AC motors are inclined to be drastically reduced, with most users typically expecting a more time average lifespan. In contrast to DC motors, the output pace of a lot of kinds of AC motors is often decided by inverter manage – yet again, we are going to briefly define a range of potential variants on the simple AC motor product.
AC motors differ from a lot of other varieties of motors, particularly some of the far more acquainted DC (immediate recent) motors, by numerous important requirements. The most simple of these is the fact that an AC motor relies completely on the alternating recent around its circuit to make effective mechanical power. We’ll go over this exclusive approach in a lot more depth in the following sections of this information.

China Custom Ie4 High Efficiency 3pH General Purpose Electric AC Motor Ye4 112     wholesaler