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China Standard 25mm 6V 12V Low Rpm High Torque DC Brushed Gear Motor with Reduction for Electronic Game Machine near me shop

Solution Description

I. CH MOTOR- DC Equipment MOTOR 25mm


-Voltage: 6.-twelve.0V
-Pace: 9-100RPM
-Torque: .9-8.5Kg. Cm
-Recent: 200-400mA
-Output: 800-1000mW


Gear Ratio:

Quantity of levels three 4 five six seven 8
Gear ratio i   nine.seven sixteen.one 26.9 fifty nine.two a hundred thirty.1 286.3
12.5 21.3 35.five 78.1 171.eight 377.9
    46.nine 103.1 226.eight 498.nine
Size of gearbox L (mm) 19. 21. 23. 25. 27.


MODEL   Voltage
NO LOAD AT Greatest Effectiveness STALL
D252-009047 12. one hundred twenty fifty a hundred .nine two hundred 950 6.5 1200
D252-019103 12. fifty four 50 46 1.9 200 900 13.five 1200
D252-018226 12. twenty five 50 twenty one.eight 250 850 fifteen. 1200
D252-57100 twelve. eleven 50 nine eight.five 250 800 15. 1200
D252-571047 six. a hundred thirty eighty 100 .ninety five four hundred a thousand 15. 2000
D252-571713 6. fifty five 80 forty five two. 400 950 six.5 2000
D252-57126 6. 26 eighty 20 four.five 350 900 twelve.five 2000
D252- 0571 1 six. 16 eighty 12 seven. 350 850 15. 2000
D252-080500 6. twelve 80 ten eight. 350 850 fifteen. 2000

About Us:

We specialized in exploring, establishing and servicing electrical motors, gearbox and substantial precision gears with the modest modules.

Soon after a long time of advancement, we have an unbiased product layout and the R&D group, services crew, and expert quality control staff.

What is actually far more, we have 2 joint ventures. 1 is situated in HangZhou, which generates hybrid stepper motor, cherished linear stepper motor, brushless DC motor, servo motor, stepper motor driver, brushless motor driver, encoder and brake.

One more 1 is located in HangZhou, which creates DC gear motor. The factory has dozens of CNC machines and high precision check gear, implements the approach administration and automated operation in most
producing process.

We also have 2 cooperation factories. One particular is generating AC reversible synchronous motor and AC servo motor, the other 1 is generating linear long term stepper motor, long term stepper motors.

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AC motors and gear motors include one-period motors for one-period AC power and a few-phase motors for a few-section AC power. A solitary-section motor basically demands to be connected to a one-section energy offer by way of the provided capacitors to work. Three-period motors do not call for capacitors. You just link the motor immediately to the three-section AC power offer. Dongfang Electric offers a vast variety of AC motors and equipment motors Continual or variable velocity AC motors are obtainable with single or three-period equipment and electromagnetic braking possibilities
Polyphase motors can be either two-stage or a few-phase motors. They work like solitary-stage induction motors, but the two single-period and polyphase motors function on a rotating magnetic area. Their rotating magnetic fields are created by two- or a few-section currents passing through two or far more sets of coils. The rotating magnetic discipline makes torque. Polyphase motors are utilised in programs that demand higher power, these kinds of as the power push of compressors, hydraulic pumps, air conditioning compressors, and irrigation pumps.

China Standard 25mm 6V 12V Low Rpm High Torque DC Brushed Gear Motor with Reduction for Electronic Game Machine     near me shop