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China Best Sales Yxl Ce CCC 0.12~18.5kw High Efficiency Three Phase Induction AC Electric Aluminum Small Motor for Food Mixer Conveyor Fan Pump Yxl71m1-2 0.37kw 2740rpm with Great quality

Item Description

YXL CE CCC .twelve~18.5KW Large Efficiency 3 Period Induction AC Electric Aluminum Little Motor for foods mixer conveyor fan pump

Purposes: Can be applied in the machines in which ongoing responsibility is required, standard applications like

  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Chopping Equipment
  • Conveyors
  • Equipment Equipment
  • Farm Duty
  • Foods Processing
  • Generation industry
  • OEM and Re-sale (Distribution) markets, lowered excess weight, rapid availability and aggressive pricing

Standard Description

  • Frame sizes: sixty three to 160M/L     
  • Rated output: .twelve to eighteen.5kW
  • Voltage: 380V                         
  • Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
  • Poles: 2, 4, 6, 8                        
  • Effectiveness levels: IE2
  • Obligation Cycle: S1                         
  • Enclosure: IC411 – TEFC
  • Insulation class: F                     
  • Diploma of protection: IP55/fifty six/65/sixty six
  • Service Element: 1.0                   
  • Mounting: Flange, Foot

Characteristics: Gorgeous profile, higher effectiveness and energy saving, low noise, little vibration, trustworthy operating.

Optional Attributes:
Insulation Course:H
Thermal Defense: PTC Thermistor, Thermostat or PT100
Other people mountings
Safety Degree:IP56, IP65, IP66
Sealing:Lip seal, Oil seal, Place Heater, Double shaft ends
Drain Hole

Mounting Sort:
B5 (Footless and B5 Flange Mounted)


Frame Poles Mounting Dimension Overall Dimension
D E F G M N P R S T AC Advert HF L
63M two,four 11 23 4 eight.five 115 95 a hundred and forty four-Φ10 3 one hundred thirty five 112 a hundred and forty 225
71M 2,4,6 14 thirty 5 eleven one hundred thirty one hundred ten 160 4-Φ10 three.five one hundred forty five one hundred twenty a hundred and sixty 245
80M 2,4,6,8 19 40 six fifteen.5 a hundred sixty five one hundred thirty 200 4-Φ12 three.5 one hundred sixty five a hundred thirty five 245 295
90S 2,4,6,8 24 50 8 20 165 130 200 0 4-Φ12 3.five 180 145 265 320
90L 345
100L two,4,6,8 28 60 eight 24 215 180 250 4-Φ15 four 205 a hundred and fifty five three hundred 390
112M 2,4,6,8 28 60 eight 24 215 180 250 four-Φ15 4 225 180 315 420
132S 2,4,6,eight 38 80 10 33 265 230 300 0 4-Φ15 4 270 205 370 465
132M 505
160M 2,4,6,8 42 110 12 37 300 250 350 0 4-Φ19 5 320 240 435 605
160L 650

If there is no other ask for in the get or arrangement, terminal box common placement is at the right side of the frame data earlier mentioned may possibly be altered CZPT prior observe.

Present Area


Premium Services

Quality Manage

Wannan Motor Creation Workshop and Movement Chart

Hundreds of Certificates, honors and more Business information please go to “ABOUT US”
Welcome to contact us straight…


These NEMA c-aircraft reducers are equipment strength, maintenance-free, and can be set up in any orientation with a slip fit “O” ring layout. Accessible in low to substantial reduction ratios, flange mount or foundation mount designs, appropriate angle or hollow shaft proper angle variations. Put in NEMA C-Experience AC motors, brushless DC motors, and brushed DC motors. For 1/2 HP to 3 HP Motors NEMA 56C, 140TC, and 180TC Enter Flange Inline Helical Gear Reducers Appropriate Angle Hypoid Equipment Reducers
The rotor of a reluctance motor consists of a solid solid metal component with a convex toothed rack. Their commencing approach is related to an induction motor, but it operates like a synchronous motor. Typically, their rotors have fewer poles than stators, which minimizes torque ripple and stops perfect pole alignment, as no torque is made in that spot. Reluctance motors selection in energy scores from a couple of watts to about 22 kilowatts.

China Best Sales Yxl Ce CCC 0.12~18.5kw High Efficiency Three Phase Induction AC Electric Aluminum Small Motor for Food Mixer Conveyor Fan Pump Yxl71m1-2 .37kw 2740rpm     with Great top quality

China Professional 7020 Could Be Customized High Speed Kitchen Appliances Universal Electric Blender Motor Mixer Meat Grinder processor Juicer Motor near me shop

Product Description

Solution Description

High pace 7571 motor , used in grinder , blender,foodstuff processor, juicer.
Materials : Copper/Copper + CCA/Copper +Aluminum/CCA/Aluminum

Solution Parameters

Item Name  Universal  AC Motor Model Identify RB Motor
Design 7571  Motor Section Solitary-period


Grinder/ Blender / Juicer/Foodstuff processor


AC 110V-240V


50Hz Electrical power (W) 75±10%W
Currency .35 ±10%A Pace 23000±10%RPM
Insulation Class Class B Higher Voltage Take a look at 1800V/5MA/1S
Rotor Material Full copper(CC/FC) Stator Material Copper/ Copper clad aluminum/ Aluminum
Rotation CW Certifacate CCC & CE

Detailed Images

Applicable designs

  Computerized elements


Packaging & Transport

Organization Profile

Our Benefits


Q1: Are you a factory ?
A1: Yes.Welcome to vist our factories or exhibition.We have a powerful manufacturing chain, from raw

materials to components to finished merchandise.


Q2: Why pick us?

A2: We have our possess hardware workshops/ Injection workshops/ motor workshops/ Assembly

workshops and the conclude item workshops.So we are foremost in the business.


Q3: What is actually your main item?

A3: Electrical House Appliances: Electric Meat Grinder(chopper)/ Blender/Juicer/Foods Processors/ Electrical

Kettle/ Hand Mixer/ Attractiveness Items…

Elements: Stainless Metal Strainer(filter mesh)/ Electrical Motor/ Juicer&Blender components…


Q4: Are your products the lowest value?
A4: Of course.The very same top quality ,we can a lot cheaper than other individuals.


Q5: Can you offer sample?

A5: Sure.We can supply cost-free sample of normal merchandise,you just require to spend for the courier cost, but this charge can be deducted from the payment for official purchase.

Q6: Can you give OEM support?
A6: Yes. Custom-made products and packaging are offered. We have rich expertise on it.


Polyphase motors can be either two-phase or 3-stage motors. They work like single-stage induction motors, but both one-stage and polyphase motors run on a rotating magnetic field. Their rotating magnetic fields are produced by two- or 3-phase currents passing by way of two or a lot more sets of coils. The rotating magnetic area generates torque. Polyphase motors are employed in apps that require higher power, this sort of as the electricity drive of compressors, hydraulic pumps, air conditioning compressors, and irrigation pumps.
One-stage motors have a stator. They do not have the rotating magnetic subject characteristics of polyphase or polyphase motors. The magnetic discipline created by the stator windings is pulsating, not rotating. When the rotor is stationary, the expansion and contraction of the stator’s magnetic discipline develop an electrical present in the rotor. The existing creates the rotor magnetic discipline with the opposite polarity to the stator magnetic discipline. The opposite polarity applies rotational drive to the higher and reduce areas of the rotor. Because this drive passes via the middle of the rotor, it stays equivalent in each and every path, keeping the rotor stationary. If the rotor starts to switch, it proceeds to switch in the route it started out, since the rotor’s momentum produces a rotational power in that direction. Solitary-phase motors are employed in minimal-power applications such as ceiling followers, mixer grinders, and household appliances this sort of as portable energy instruments.

China Professional 7020 Could Be Customized High Speed Kitchen Appliances Universal Electric Blender Motor Mixer Meat Grinder processor Juicer Motor     near me shop

China manufacturer CZPT 25W 30W AC Electric Induction Reversible Motor for Mixer Conveyor Printer Boiler near me factory

Merchandise Description

Micro 25W 30W AC Electric Induction Reversible Motor for mixer conveyor printer boiler


The reversible motor has a friction brake at the back again of the motor body, which is created for application the place reversal of course is usually necessary. The reversible motor is like an induction motor that commenced by the capacitor and has the identical torque characteristic as the induction motor. But the reversible motor is designed with a increased beginning torque to enhance the quick reversal functions.


Allowable load for the equipment motor

Motor Model Specs Output electricity Voltage Frequency Existing Commencing Torque Rated Torque Rated Pace Capacitor/Ve
W V Hz A mN.m mN.m r/min μF/VAC
Induction 25 1-section
fifty .22 231 185 1250 one.5/450
sixty .21 192 154 1550 1.5/450
Reversible 50 .24 231 185 1250 2/450
60 .26 192 154 1550 two/450
Induction 25 1-section
fifty .48  231 185 1250 6/250
60 .46  192 154 1550 6/250
Reversible fifty .50  231 185 1250 8/250
sixty .56  192 154 1550 8/250
25 3-phase
50 .14  231 185 1250
sixty .twelve 192 154 1550
25 3-stage
fifty .24 231 185 1250
60 .225  192 154 1550
Induction 30 1-stage
50 .28  275 220 1250 2.2/450
60 .30  231 185 1550 two.2/450
Reversible fifty .30  275 220 1250 2.5/450
sixty .32  231 185 1550 2.5/450
Induction 30 1-section
one hundred ten
50 .58  275 220 1250 8/250
60 .60  231 185 1550 8/250
Reversible fifty .60  275 220 1250 ten/250
60 .65  231 185 1550 10/250

Allowable load for the equipment motor

Synchronous pace
five hundred three hundred 250 200 150 a hundred and twenty a hundred eighty three 75 60 fifty 40 35 30 twenty five 20 fifteen twelve 10 eight 7 6 five
Ratio  i 3 five 6 7.5 10 twelve.five 15 eighteen 20 twenty five thirty 36 forty fifty 60 75 one hundred 120 one hundred fifty a hundred and eighty 200 250 three hundred
Max allowable load 25W N.m .forty five .79 .ninety three one.18 one.fifty five 1.86 2.25 two.78 three.1 three.43 four.twelve 5.01 five.fifty seven 6.18 7.52 7.84
30W N.m .fifty six .8 one.1 one.39 1.85 2.32 two.78 3.34 3.seven four.seventeen five.01 six.01 6.68 six.5 7.eighty four


Motor voltage, electricity, and pace will be tailored according to your ask for underneath the authorized circumstance of adoptable dimension.

FOR OTHER Versions:
Dimension: sixty / 70 / eighty / ninety / 100mm
Power: 6/ 10 / 15 / twenty / 25 / 30/ 40 / sixty / 90 / one hundred twenty / 140/160/ 180/ 200/ 250/ 370 W
Voltage: 1ph100 / 1ph110 / 1ph120 / 1ph220 / 1ph230 / 3ph220 /3ph380v (50/60Hz)
Equipment Ratio: 3/ 5/ 6/ 7.5/10/ 12.5/ fifteen/ twenty/ twenty five/ thirty/ 36/ 40/ 50/ sixty/ 75/ one hundred/ a hundred and twenty/ a hundred and fifty/ 180/ two hundred/ 250/ 300/ 500

Dimensional Drawing

Comparable Item Photos

Packing & Delivery



Firm Overview

Greensky Electricity Company Limited is a China based global organization who is specialised in electric motor, gearbox and managing system establishing, manufacturing, good quality controlling and trading.

Mission:We are dedicated to develop an worldwide electrical motor organization who can supply 1-quit trustworthy products with consumer-oriented support.

Heritage:Greensky was set up in 2571 by York Cheng in Los Angeles, United states of america and moved to HangZhou, China in 2011. In the past a long time, the staff of CZPT continues to develop the value to our esteemed clients all above the world by creating up broad and trustworthy provide chain administration program, effective quality & delivery time control method, expense performance production  system and quick-reply expert provider.



one Q: What is your MOQ for AC Motor?
A: 1unit is alright for sample screening

2 Q: What about your warranty for your AC Motor?
A: One particular year.

three Q: Do you give OEM service with consumer-brand?
A: Indeed, we could do OEM orders, but we primarily target on our possess brand.

four Q: How about your payment phrases?
A: TT, western union, and PayPal. a hundred% payment in CZPT for orders much less than $5,000. thirty% deposit and balance just before shipping for orders in excess of $5,000.

5 Q: How about your packing?
A: Carton, Plywood circumstance. If you need to have much more, we can pack all goods in pallets.

6 Q: What information ought to be provided, if I buy from you?
A: Rated energy, gearbox ratio, enter pace, mounting place. More information, far better!

seven Q: How do you provide the AC Motor?
A: We will assess and select the most suitable techniques of delivery by sea, air or express courier.

We hope you will get pleasure from cooperating with us.

AC motors and gear motors consist of one-stage motors for one-period AC electricity and three-phase motors for three-section AC electricity. A one-section motor merely wants to be related to a one-section energy supply by way of the incorporated capacitors to work. Three-section motors do not require capacitors. You basically link the motor directly to the a few-stage AC electrical power source. Dongfang Electric delivers a vast selection of AC motors and equipment motors Constant or variable pace AC motors are obtainable with one or a few-section gear and electromagnetic braking alternatives
The rotor of a reluctance motor consists of a solid forged steel component with a convex toothed rack. Their commencing process is comparable to an induction motor, but it operates like a synchronous motor. Generally, their rotors have fewer poles than stators, which minimizes torque ripple and stops best pole alignment, as no torque is created in that place. Reluctance motors variety in power scores from a few watts to about 22 kilowatts.

China manufacturer CZPT 25W 30W AC Electric Induction Reversible Motor for Mixer Conveyor Printer Boiler     near me factory

China supplier 450W Electric Motor Cement Mixer Lawn Mower Motor near me factory

Product Description

Company Profile

  ZHangZhoug CZPT Appliance Co., Ltd has been a abundant expertise producer of electric powered portable concrete mixers, personalized OEM AC motors, variety hoods, and centrifugal enthusiasts in the industry given that 1994.
  We largely build one-period AC motors with capacitors starting and running. The main products incorporate electrical cement mixer motor, transmission box for concrete mixer, h2o pump motor, mower motor, grinder motor, exhaust fan motor, Selection Hoods, Centrifugal blowers, and moveable concrete mixer. Our items are extensively utilised in power resources, household appliances, business tools, and little industrial devices.
  We are happy to offer package deal companies masking design and style, mildew, sampling, tests, manufacture, and export companies to companies that need to have a dependable supply of moveable cement mixer and associated components, custom ac motors, enthusiasts and blowers, selection hoods from China.
  The company attained the ISO9001:2015 global quality method certification. Above the earlier 10 years, the goods of AC electric motor and other merchandise handed the “UL”, “CSA”, “CE”, “RoHS”, “CCC”.
  With outstanding merchandise quality and technological benefits, our organization amassed international clients based mostly in Europe, The united states, Southeast Asia, South Africa, East Asia, and Australia.
  Today, We are creating our finest endeavours in engineering, quality, and manufacturing, to give more effective services to our customers, to generate dependable and valued CZPT makes in electric powered appliances.




DC motors use energy from batteries or other producing resources that offer a consistent voltage. A DC motor consists of several parts, the most well-known of which consist of bearings, shafts, and gearboxes or gears. DC motors provide better speed variation and management and make far more torque than AC motors. The two types of DC motors include Brushed motors: Brushed motors are one of the oldest kinds and are internally commutated motors pushed by DC present. A brushed motor is made up of a rotor, brushes, and a shaft. The charge and polarity of the brushes manage the course and pace of the motor. Brushless Motors: In latest several years, brushless motors have turn into popular for many purposes, mostly simply because of their performance. Brushless motors are created in the same way as brushed motors, minus the brushes of program. Brushless motors also incorporate devoted circuitry to manage speed and path. In brushless motors, magnets are mounted close to the rotor, an efficiency-boosting configuration.
AC motors are also diverse from DC motors because most AC motors do not incorporate brushes. This means that routine maintenance and components substitute demands for AC motors tend to be considerably decreased, with most consumers normally anticipating a lengthier regular lifespan. Not like DC motors, the output velocity of a lot of varieties of AC motors is typically determined by inverter handle – again, we will briefly define a selection of likely variations on the basic AC motor design.

China supplier 450W Electric Motor Cement Mixer Lawn Mower Motor     near me factory

China Standard Electric Mixer Motor Blender Motor AC 220V 230V 240V with Heat Protector 5440 with Hot selling

Product Description

Professional Maker OF Solitary-Period Collection MOTOR /Gear MOTOR
Electrical power,Speed,Torque,Shaft ,Stator Lamination,Rotation And Setting up Location
can be tailored in accordance to buyers requirements.

Item Description:

Product Name: AC Electrical Motor/Universal Motor
Model No. : XJ54-40
Brand name: HangZhouA
Software: For Juicer/Food Processor/Food Mixer/Blender/Coffer Maker
Starting Mode: Direct on-line Starting
Rated Voltage: 100V 110V 120V 127V 220V 230V 240V
No-load Power: fifty-150W
No-load Speed: 13000-32000rpm
Load Power: a hundred-400W
Load Speed: 8000-18000rpm
Rotation Direction: CW/CCW
Rating Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Insulation Class: A/E/B/F
Protection Grade: IP00 ~ IP68
Packing: foam&carton,or accroding to customers’ specific requirements
MOQ: 500 pcs
Delivery Time: Depends on quantity from 2 weeks to 4 weeks.
Payment Term: T/T, L/C, D/P


  1. The performances as above are just for reference only. We can modify our motor technical specs according to customer’s requirements.
  2. OEM & ODM are equally accessible. Make sure you really feel totally free to contact us with your in depth needs .
  3. If inquire for quotation, please explain to voltage, draft, input electrical power, air flow at minimum, so we could quotation quickly.

Element View:


Short Introduction

HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Dis. HangZhoua Electrical Equipment Factory was recognized in 1997, it is found in Xihu (West Lake) Dis. District of HangZhou, ZHangZhoug Province.We have about 50,000 sq. meters of the constructing and virtually 300 personnel. In addition, the transportation around the manufacturing unit is extremely handy, it is shut to the TongSan Freeway, and is just 8 kilometers absent from the HangZhou Airport.

Through several years of accumulation and growth, our factory is now a specialist manufacturer of single-period collection motor and equipment reducer motor.The application of our item handles several fields,it is largely used in home kitchen area appliances or electric instruments, this sort of as juicer, ice crusher, meat grinder, coffee bean grinder , lawn mower and so on.

Our manufacturing unit has superior universal motor production line, strong technical drive, ideal testing signifies, items can be developed in accordance to intercontinental and domestic specifications, but also according to consumer demands or presented samples, drawings and other specific layout.Our function sticks to the principle of striving for existence by fantastic quality. Our goods promote much all above the planet.Our manufacturing unit will, and as always, wholeheartedly serves broad aged and new buyers both at property and abroad. We are searching ahead to developing organization associations with customers all in excess of the planet.

Q1: Are you a trade firm or a company?
A1: HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Dis. HangZhoua Motor Manufactory was set up in 1997, we are a specialist
       manufacturer of single-section sequence motor and gear motor.
Qtwo: How about sample and charge?
Atwo: Our sample policy stipulates that clients need to shell out for sample and categorical payment,but we could  
        return  the sample and categorical charge primarily based on particular purchase quantity. You can specify the convey               business you want that like DHL, or you can contact your courier to choose up from our factory.
Q3: What is your payment phrases?
A3: one. We settle for T/T, D/P, L/C at sight.
      2. thirty% deposit in CZPT and 70% stability just before shipment.(Volume much more than 3000USD)
Qfour: How can we get detailed cost?
A4: Make sure you offer us in depth data of the item,distinct packaging requirements and acquiring  
Qfive: Is it achievable to check out your factory
A5: Sure. But please kindly maintain us posted a few days in progress. We require to examine our schedule to see if            we are accessible then.
Q6: How to ensure punctual cargo for my get?
Asix: We give priority to export orders and keep updating progress from manufacturing to shipping.
Qseven: What about the following-income support? 
A7: By means of email messages, photographs or visitor samples to confirm the true trigger of the problem. If there is really
         a product problem, we will redo with no demand.
Q8: What is your shipping and delivery date?
Aeight: The shipping and delivery day is about 20-30 days after obtaining your deposit,it relies upon on the quantity you

Induction motors, also recognized as asynchronous motors, use the electromagnetic induction produced by the magnetic field of the stator to make recent in the rotor, thereby creating torque. These motors do not run at a pace in sync with the existing, therefore the name. They use the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction to convert electrical strength into mechanical vitality. Induction motor rotors are the most common sort of AC motor identified in pumps, compressors, and other equipment of all varieties.
AC motors differ from numerous other kinds of motors, specifically some of the much more familiar DC (immediate recent) motors, by a number of crucial standards. The most simple of these is the simple fact that an AC motor relies entirely on the alternating present around its circuit to produce effective mechanical vitality. We are going to examine this exclusive process in more depth in the following sections of this guidebook.

China Standard Electric Mixer Motor Blender Motor AC 220V 230V 240V with Heat Protector 5440     with Hot selling