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China factory Long Life NEMA 11 Open Loop CZPT CNC Kit Electric Hybrid Stepper Motor for Auto Parts with Free Design Custom

Merchandise Description

Merchandise Description

Stepper Motor Description

Higher Torque 
High Accuracy 
Smooth Movement 
Stepper motors, AC servo motors and brushless dc motors are avaiable to customized for the planet, NEMA 11, 14, sixteen, 17, 23, 24, 34 stepper motor, 50W, 100W, 200W, 400W, 500W, 750W, 1000W, 1200W AC servo motor, and brushless dc motor are all provided. 
The derived products are commonly utilized in ATM machines, electronic scanners, stylus printers, plotters, slot machines, CD-ROM drivers, stage lights, camera lenses, CNC equipment, health-related devices, 3D printers, cleansing equipment and quadcopter for sector and our daily life.
All the derived products of us can be customized for your needs 


Item Parameters

Motor Technical Specification



Stage angle

1.8 [°] ± 5 [%]

Period resistance

four.5 [Ohm] ± 10 [%]

Section inductance

three.8 [mH] ± 20 [%]

Rotor inertia

five [g.cm²]

Ambient temperature

-twenty [°C] ~ +50 [°C]

Temperature rise

eighty [K]

Dielectric strength

five hundred [VAC 1 Minute]

Class protection


Max. shaft radial load

21 [N]

Max. shaft axial load

10 [N]


a hundred [g.]


Mechanical Drawing (in mm)


Nema Model Length Step Angle Current/Section Resistance/Section Inductance/Phase Holding Torque # of Prospects Rotor Inertia
(L)mm ( °) A Ω mH N.M. No. g.cm2
Open up LOOP Action MOTOR
Nema8 EW08-210H 37.8 one.80  one.00  4.30  1.70  .04min 4.00  two.90 
Nema11 EW11-110 thirty.1 1.80  1.00  four.50  three.80  .08min four.00  5.00 
EW11-110H 30.one 1.80  one.00  four.50  four.00  .07min 4.00  nine.00 
EW11-310 fifty.4 1.80  one.00  2.50  2.20  .14min four.00  twenty.00 
EW11-310D 50.four 1.80  1.00  two.50  two.20  .14min four.00  20.00 
Nema14 EW14-110 twenty five.5 1.80  1.00  three.30  three.80  .17min 4.00  twenty five.00 
EW14-210 40.5 one.80  1.00  4.00  six.10  .2min four.00  25.00 
Nema17 EW17-220 33.7 1.80  2.00  .70  one.40  .3min four.00  40.00 
EW17-320 39.2 one.80  two.00  1.00  one.80  .45min four.00  60.00 
EW17-320D 39.two 1.80  2.00  one.00  1.80  .45min four.00  sixty.00 
EW17-420 47.2 one.80  two.00  1.00  two.00  .56min 4.00  eighty.00 
EW17-420D 47.two 1.80  two.00  one.00  two.00  .56min four.00  eighty.00 
EW17-420M 80.one 1.80  2.00  1.35  3.20  .48min four.00  seventy seven.00 
EW17-520 60 one.80  two.00  1.35  2.90  .70min four.00  one hundred fifteen.00 
EW17-520M ninety nine.one one.80  two.00  1.77  four.00  .72min 4.00  one hundred ten.00 
Nema23 EW23-140 forty one.9 1.80  four.00  .37  1.00  .70min four.00  170.00 
EW23-240 fifty two.nine one.80  4.00  .45  1.70  one.25min 4.00  290.00 
EW23-240D 52.nine 1.80  4.00  .45  1.70  1.25min 4.00  290.00 
EW23-240M ninety five.5 1.80  4.00  .44  1.40  1.20min 4.00  480.00 
EW23-340 seventy six.four 1.80  4.00  .50  one.80  2.00min four.00  520.00 
EW23-340D 76.four one.80  four.00  .50  1.80  2.00min four.00  520.00 
EW23-350M 116.five 1.80  five.00  .40  1.80  two.00min 4.00  480.00 
Nema24 EW24-240 54.5 1.80  four.00  .45  1.20  one.40min 4.00  450.00 
EW24-440 eighty five.five 1.80  4.00  .80  three.00  three.00min 4.00  900.00 
EW24-450M one hundred twenty five.six one.80  five.00  .42  1.80  3.00min 4.00  900.00 
Nema34 EW34-260 seventy nine.five one.80  six.00  .38  two.80  4.5min 4.00  1900.00 
EW34-360 99 1.80  6.00  .47  three.90  6.00min four.00  2700.00 
EW34-460M 155.three 1.80  six.00  .54  5.00  8.20min 4.00  3800.00 
EW34-560 129 one.80  six.00  .64  six.00  nine.00min four.00  4000.00 
EW34-660 159.5 1.80  6.00  .72  7.30  12min. 4.00  5000.00 
EH34-530 129 1.80  3.60  1.06  10.00  7.1min 4.00  4000.00 








Business Profile

     Getting benefit of the proactive local climate of the 70s, in 1977 the engineer Felice Caldi, who experienced always been a passionate builder and inventor, launched an revolutionary business, operating internationally in the subject of computer software for industrial machinery.
Since then, this modest company primarily based in Lodi has enjoyed constant successes related to modern products and cutting edge “greatest in class” technologies in the subject of industrial automation, as established by the a lot of patents submitted during the several years as properly as the essential awards presented to it by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan and of the Lombardy Area.
    The company, thanks to its successes over time, has developed significantly, growing its income community abroad and opening another business in China to handle the product sales stream in the Asian industry. 
    Ever attentive to the dynamics and needs of the automation marketplace, consistently evolving and continually in search of technological innovation, At any time Elettronica has been ready to reply to all the technological issues that have arisen over the years, offering remedies able to make its customer’s equipment far more and far more executing and hugely aggressive.
    And it is precisely to underline the relevance and the uniqueness of each and every one client that we layout, with care and commitment, hugely customised automation solutions, that are in a position to properly meet any ask for, equally concerning application and components.
    Our staff of mechatronic engineers can certainly customise the software with specifically made firmware, and it can also adapt the motor by customising, for case in point, the size of the cables or the diameter of the crankshaft and the IP defense degree, all strictly based on the customer’s complex specifications.




AC motors are also various from DC motors because most AC motors do not consist of brushes. This signifies that routine maintenance and components alternative wants for AC motors tend to be drastically reduced, with most customers usually expecting a longer common lifespan. Unlike DC motors, the output speed of a lot of types of AC motors is typically decided by inverter management – again, we are going to briefly define a variety of possible variants on the standard AC motor model.
AC motors are also various from DC motors due to the fact most AC motors do not contain brushes. This signifies that routine maintenance and elements substitution demands for AC motors have a tendency to be drastically lowered, with most users normally anticipating a more time average lifespan. Not like DC motors, the output pace of numerous sorts of AC motors is usually established by inverter handle – yet again, we’ll briefly define a assortment of potential variations on the simple AC motor product.

China factory Long Life NEMA 11 Open Loop CZPT CNC Kit Electric Hybrid Stepper Motor for Auto Parts     with Free Design Custom