China manufacturer High Quality 48V 1000W 1500rpm BLDC Brushless Electric Motor near me manufacturer

Merchandise Description

48V 1KW Brushless DC Servo Motor,AGV Motor
Product Functions
Defense quality:IP65, insulation grade:F
Winding overhang structure optimization, to lessen the copper reduction and iron decline minimization, little quantity, gentle weight, minimal temperature increase, high performance
Super higher coercivity, the optimum CZPT vitality product NdFe35 long term CZPT components, powerful resistance to demagnetization, motor overall performance is secure.
Low sounds, minimal vibration, minimal second of inertia.
Substantial torque, rapidly dynamic response, broad velocity selection, strong overload ability (four occasions)

*Higher Torque to inertia ratio&up to 25000Nm/kgm²
*Rapidly dynamic reaction *time constant <20ms
*Wide speed changing&comments up to a thousand:one
*Constant velocity precision up to .5%
*High overload,2Mn/30s,3.5N.m/10s
*Small quantity and gentle
*Silent,the least expensive sound is only 45dB(A)
*Protected with IP65,Course F insulation
Business class
1.The altitude ought to be more than a thousand meters above sea level
2.Atmosphere temperature:+5ºC~+40ºC
3.The thirty day period average tallest relative humidity is ninety%,at the exact same the month typical least expensive
temperature is much less than 25

Model KY110AS571-fifteen
Electrical power 1000W
Velocity 1500RPM
Software AGV Robot,Fire Robot,Electric powered Motor vehicle


AC motors are also diverse from DC motors due to the fact most AC motors do not contain brushes. This signifies that routine maintenance and parts substitute requirements for AC motors are inclined to be substantially decreased, with most consumers usually anticipating a for a longer time common lifespan. As opposed to DC motors, the output velocity of several kinds of AC motors is frequently established by inverter handle – once more, we will briefly define a selection of likely variations on the standard AC motor product.
An AC motor is a kind of motor that makes use of the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. AC power drives the motor. It is a existing that periodically reverses course and alterations its magnitude of the recent in excess of time. This recent is the opposite of a direct existing or “DC” which flows in only a single course. AC motors can provide a fairly productive way to make mechanical energy from a simple electrical enter sign.

China manufacturer High Quality 48V 1000W 1500rpm BLDC Brushless Electric Motor     near me manufacturer