China Hot selling 280kw 50Hz Speed Variable AC Electric Motor wholesaler

Merchandise Description


Electric Inducation ac motor
Rated Voltage : 380V &lpar 400V, 660V, 690V are also offered on request)
Rated frequency 25, 50Hz &lpar Offered rated frequency: 4 poles-19.3&semi 33Hz 6 poles- 29.3&semi37.5Hz)
Continuous torque Output is in the variety of rated frequency to 50Hz
Insulation F course
Cooling kind IC06&semi 1C416
Defense Course IP23&semi
Mounting variety IMB3&lparor as asked for)
Operating Designs S1&lparS6-25&percnt&semi S6-40&percnt&semiS6-sixty&percnt are offered)
Motor Body Measurement 112&semi132&semi160&semi 180&semi two hundred&semi225&semi 280&semi 355&semi400mm


Our Energy:
Moreover, in get to distinguish us from rivals, to expand even further and obtain a lot more industry share, we made a decision to spend most of its profits in specializing and acquired the high quality certificate of ISO9001 , passed CE.At the exact same time we has dozens of Utility Model Patents. We also made a cooperation with ZheJiang Electrical Equipment Research Institute &lparGroup) Co.,Ltd, as special motor generation foundation for SEARI in 2005 . Now participates in a lot of worldwide tenders and exports to numerous countries close to the globe by means of everyone’s efforts in Hengli.
Generation of method: 
We strictly examine on each and every stage of the production chain to ensure back links is great in quality, to fulfill customers’ demand and make sure delivery at the same time. advanced equipment and total internal provide chain, from punching, laminating, welding, machining, winding, embedded line, dipping, assembled to examination, all the methods are accomplished in-house to ensure quality.
Guarantee Period of time: 
   The motor could operate well inside of 1 year’s using time period or no significantly less than thirteen months from departure date of our business&lparsubject to the 1st) if the person use and shop the motor effectively in accordance to the instruction .
   If the motor is destroyed or can not perform usually in the stipulated time owing to the very poor quality , our company will restore and exchange the spare elements or motors free of charge of charge ,while all entry and exit costs borne by the consumer.
Service after the  Warranty Time period :
  Our firm implements the lifelong compensated support if malfunction occurs following the guarantee period, we will source the needed effortless-weared areas and spare elements at cost value. After sales- services personnel will call back again the consumer irregularly.

Polyphase motors can be both two-period or three-stage motors. They perform like solitary-stage induction motors, but the two single-phase and polyphase motors function on a rotating magnetic area. Their rotating magnetic fields are produced by two- or 3-period currents passing by way of two or a lot more sets of coils. The rotating magnetic area creates torque. Polyphase motors are used in programs that need large electrical power, this kind of as the power drive of compressors, hydraulic pumps, air conditioning compressors, and irrigation pumps.
Two varieties of AC motors incorporate: Synchronous: The fact that a synchronous motor rotates at the identical price as the frequency of the mains present provides the motor its name. A synchronous motor is composed of a stator and a rotor. Synchronous motors have a vast selection of apps. Induction: Induction motors are the easiest and strongest motors obtainable. These AC motors consist of two electrical factors: a wound stator and rotor assembly. The existing necessary to flip the rotor is created by the electromagnetic induction created by the stator windings. Induction motors are one of the most frequently used kinds of motors in the planet.

China Hot selling 280kw 50Hz Speed Variable AC Electric Motor     wholesaler