China Best Sales Electric Motor 17HS4401s 1.7A for CNC Machine with Best Sales

Product Description


                forty twomm 2phase hybrid stepper motor for cnc device

Common Specification:

Action Angle  Accuracy: ±5%
Resistance Precision: ±10%
Inductance Precision: ±20%
Temperature Increase: 80°C Max
Ambient Temperature: -20°C~+50°C
Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ Min., 500VDC
Dielectric Power:  500VAC for 1 moment
Shaft Radial Play:  0.02Max (450g-load)
Shaft Axial Play: 0.08Max (450g-load)


Model No. Stage Angle Motor Size Recent
Holding Torque # of Sales opportunities Detent Torque Rotor Inertia Mass
( °) (L)mm A Ω mH No. Kg
JK42HS25-0404 one.eight 25 .four 24 36 1.8 four 75 20 .15
JK42HS28-0504 1.8 28 .five 20 21 1.five 4 85 24 .22
JK42HS34-1334 one.8 34 one.33 2.1 2.five 2.2 four 120 34 .22
JK42HS34-0406 one.8 34 .four 24 15 one.6 6 120 34 .22
JK42HS34-0956 one.8 34 .95 four.two 2.5 1.6 6 120 34 .22
JK42HS40-0406 1.8 40 .4 30 30 two.six six a hundred and fifty fifty four .28
JK42HS40-1684 one.eight 40 1.sixty eight 1.sixty five 3.2 three.6 4 a hundred and fifty 54 .28
JK42HS40-1206 one.8 40 1.2 3 2.nine six a hundred and fifty fifty four .28
JK42HS48-0406 1.8 forty eight .four thirty 25 6 260 sixty eight .35
JK42HS48-1684 one.eight 48 1.sixty eight 1.65 2.8 four.4 4 260 68 .35
JK42HS48-1206 1.eight forty eight one.two three.3 2.eight three.17 6 260 sixty eight .35
JK42HS60-0406 one.eight 60 .four thirty 39 6.5 6 280 102 .five
JK42HS60-1704 1.eight 60 one.7 three 6.2 7.3 4 280 102 .5
JK42HS60-1206 1.eight sixty one.2 six 7 five.six six 280 102 .five



Employed for robots stepper motor,
electronic computerized equipment stepping motor,
healthcare instrument stepping motor,
advertising and marketing instrument stepper motor,
lights& audio equipment stepper motor,
printer stepper motor, textile machinery stepper motor.
Cnc router stepper motor.

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Synchronous motors run at a speed that is synchronous with the frequency of the mains current. This indicates that in the regular-condition of the motor, the rotation of the shaft is synchronized with the frequency of the supply current. The interval of rotation of the shaft is equal to the variety of AC cycles. The stator of a synchronous motor has polyphase AC electromagnets. These electromagnets generate a magnetic field that rotates in synchrony with the current in the wire. The rotor equipped with long term magnets or electromagnets rotates synchronously with the stator magnetic subject to sort the next synchronous rotating magnetic area of the AC motor.
Polyphase motors can be both two-phase or a few-stage motors. They work like single-phase induction motors, but both single-period and polyphase motors work on a rotating magnetic discipline. Their rotating magnetic fields are produced by two- or three-period currents passing via two or more sets of coils. The rotating magnetic subject creates torque. Polyphase motors are utilized in apps that call for large power, these kinds of as the power generate of compressors, hydraulic pumps, air conditioning compressors, and irrigation pumps.

China Best Sales Electric Motor 17HS4401s 1.7A for CNC Machine     with Greatest Revenue