YY Capacitor Running Single Phase Electric Motor

YY Capacitor Running Single Phase Electric Motor

1.Motor Introduction
 YY sequence capacitor managing asynchronous motor, is made in accordance to IEC normal, with feature as simple framework, steady operating, advanced technological indicators and effortlessly upkeep. Fitting for house appliances, air compressor, pump, blower ,recorder instrument  and different equipments requiring light-weight load starting.This sequence motors with  high electrical power issue and effectiveness, little dimension, mild weight, very good performance, reduced sounds, and hassle-free upkeep.

Protection Class:IP4,IP54,IP55

Cooling Type:IC0141

Insulation Class:B,F

Operation Type:S1

Rated Voltage:a hundred and fifteen/230,220V

Rated Frequency:60Hz,50Hz 

two.Functionality info

Model Electrical power







Locked rotor torque

Rated torque

Locked rotor present
YY711-two .37 2.two 2800 67 .ninety two one.eight sixteen
YY712-2 .fifty five three.9 2800 70 .ninety two one.8 21
YY801-2 .75 four.nine 2800 seventy two .ninety five 1.8 29
YY802-2 1.1 7. 2800 seventy five .ninety five 1.eight 40
YY90S-2 one.5 9.four 2800 seventy six .ninety five 1.seven 55
YY90L-two two.2 thirteen.7 2800 77 .ninety five 1.7 80
YY100L3-two three 18.2 2800 seventy nine .95 1.7 a hundred and ten
YY112M-2 four 26.6 2850 seventy seven .82 2.two one hundred seventy five
YY711-four .25 two. 1400 sixty two .ninety two 1.eight twelve
YY712-four .37 2.8 1400 sixty five .92 1.eight 16
YY801-four .fifty five four. 1400 68 .92 one.8 21
YY802-four .75 5.1 1400 71 .ninety two 1.8 29
YY90S-four one.1 7.3 1400 73 .ninety five one.seven forty
YY90L-four 1.five nine.seven 1400 75 .ninety five 1.seven fifty five
YY100L-4 two.2 thirteen.9 1400 seventy six .95 1.7 eighty
YY112M-four 3 18.6 1400 77 .ninety five 1.7 a hundred and ten
YY100L1-4 1.1 9.six 1440 seventy one .74 two.5 sixty
YY100L2-four 1.five twelve.5 1440 seventy three .75 2.five 80
YY112M-four 2.two 17.nine 1400 seventy four .seventy six 2.two 120
YY132S-two 3.7 26.six 2850 77 .eighty two two.2 a hundred seventy five
YY132S-four three 23.six 1400 75 .77 two.two one hundred fifty
YY132M-four three.seven 28.four 1400 76 .seventy nine two.2 one hundred seventy five

three.Overall Set up DIMENSION

four.Production PROCESSING:

Factory Define

5.Painting CZPTR CODE:

six.Benefit :
Pre-income service: 

•We are a product sales staff, with all complex support from engineer team.
•We benefit every single inquiry sent to us, guarantee quick competitive offer you in 24 hrs.
•We cooperate with client to layout and create the new merchandise. Offer all necessary document.

Soon after-income support:
•We respect your feed back again right after obtain the motors.
•We provide 1years guarantee right after receipt of motors..
•We promise all spare areas CZPT in life time use.
•We loge your complain within 24 hrs.

YY Capacitor Running Single Phase Electric Motor