Ie2 Ie3 High Efficiency Motor Gear Conveyor Pump Compressor Motor

Ie2 Ie3 High Efficiency Motor Gear Conveyor Pump Compressor Motor


YX3 large efficiency 300hp electrical motor
Certificate: IS09001-2008
Energy: .12kw-315kw
Pole: 2 4 six 8 ten
Pace: 3600-600

Degrees of effectiveness: IE2(EFF1)
Levels of protections: IP55
Degrees of insulation: F, H

Characteristic and usage

YX3 sequence high efficiency a few period motors is substantial efficiency vitality-conserving motor. Effectiveness index of motor reachedGB186~13 0571 88828 13858117778’middle-tiny motor efficiency limited benefit and performance grade’grade 2 effectiveness regular, according to IE2/EFF1 efficiency index of IEC regular. Our creation advance in domestic and attained innovative degree in global. We are on top of the identify list that can get the CHINA certification for strength conservation merchandise.
YX3 sequence a few stage electrical motors have a great deal of rewards which includes high performance, strength conserving, huge starting torque, outstanding efficiency, lower sounds, low vibration, higher reliability, simple procedure & servicing and so forth. While the mounting dimension and rated output power of YX3 series electric powered motors are in conformity with IEC normal.

YX3 Collection motors are extensively employed as generate mechanism of numerous machineries, these kinds of as pumps, compressors, machining equipments, transportation technique, agricultural mechanism, and meals processing mechanism and many others. Its running problems are the identical as Y2 collection three phase electric powered motors.

YX3 collection motors with the mounting dimension in accordance with common IEC60034, is similar to the mounting dimension of Y sequence, Y2 sequence. It has good functions like optimum construction special physical appearance, minimal sound, high performance, substantial protection course as effectively as substantial insulation course. YX3 collection motors can be extensively used in a variety of kinds of basic use machineries like enthusiast, pumps, machin resources, compressors, transportation and so on, and can also be utilized in the dangerous areas with oil and chemical, steel crops, mining business

Ordering Informations

1. You should reveal the motor sort, rated output, rated voltage, rated frequency, synchronous pace, Explosion evidence Mark, mounting variety, rotation direction(see from the shaft extension facet)Use of the setting(indoor or outside)If the user havn’t point out the rotation and setting, normailly we believe is CW roration and utilized indoor.
two. When consumer have specific requirments, For instance: Dispose the stator, bearing explosion proof and bearing temperature sensors, space heater, Plateau use, specical frequency, mounting dimension alter, special output, the person must, buy can be confirm soon after signing the technical settlement with engneering division

Schematic diagram        
mounting kind B3 B35 B5 V1
mounting Discribtion frame with feet,end-defend CZPT flange frame with toes,conclude-shield with flange frame CZPT toes,stop-defend with flange frame CZPT ft,conclude-protect with flange
Suitable body H63-355 H63-355 H63-280 H180-355

YX3 collection motors are totally enclosed supporter cold(TEFC). bearing variety

Horizontal vertical
motor frame DE side N-DE aspect DE aspect N-DE facet
sixty three 6201-2RZ/Z2 6201-2RZ/Z2 6201-2RZ/Z2 6201-2RZ/Z2
seventy one 6202-2RZ/Z2 6202-2RZ/Z2 6202-2RZ/Z2 6202-2RZ/Z2
80 6204-2RZ/Z2 6204-2RZ/Z2 6204-2RZ/Z2 6204-2RZ/Z2
ninety 6205-2RZ/Z2 6205-2RZ/Z2 6205-2RZ/Z2 6205-2RZ/Z2
one hundred 6206-2RZ/Z2 6206-2RZ/Z2 6206-2RZ/Z2 6206-2RZ/Z2
112 6206-2RZ/Z2 6206-2RZ/Z2 6206-2RZ/Z2 6206-2RZ/Z2
132 6208-2RZ/Z2 6208-2RZ/Z2 6208-2RZ/Z2 6208-2RZ/Z2
160 6209-2RZ/Z2 6209-2RZ/Z2 6209-2RZ/Z2 6209-2RZ/Z2
one hundred eighty 6211/Z2 6211/Z2 6211/Z2 6211/Z2
two hundred 6312/Z2 6312/Z2 6312/Z2 6312/Z2
225(2P) 6312/Z2 6312/Z2 6312/Z2 6312/Z2
225(4-8P) 6313/Z2 6212/Z2 6313/Z2 6312/Z2
250(2P) 6313/Z2/Z2 6313/Z1 6313/Z2 6313/Z1
250(four-8P) 6314/Z1 6213/Z1 6314/Z1 6313/Z1
280(2P) 6314/Z1 6313/Z1 6314/Z1 6313/Z1
280(4P) 6317/Z1 6313/Z1 6317/Z1 6313/Z1
315(2P) 6317/Z1 6317/Z1 6317/Z1 6317/Z1
315(4-8P) NU319 6319/Z1 NU319 6319/Z1
355(2P) 6319/Z1 6319/Z1 6319/Z1 6319/Z1
355(four-8P) NU322 6322/Z1 NU322/Z1 6322/Z1

Ie2 Ie3 High Efficiency Motor Gear Conveyor Pump Compressor Motor