High Frequency Induction Welding Heater for Motor Rotor Heating Brazing Welding

High Frequency Induction Welding Heater for Motor Rotor Heating Brazing Welding

Large Frequency Induction Welding Heater For Motor Rotor Heating Brazing Welding


1.Induction welding machinery approach info

Energy range: 8KVA-5000KVA
Frequency assortment: .1KHz-500KHz
Input energy:  3-phase 380V±10%  50Hz/60Hz
Function force: .15MPa-.30MPa
2. Induction welding machinery characteristics
(1) Fast heating, uniform, which can efficiently avoid zigzag induced by regional overheating embrittlement and fracture, but also can prevent absence of penetration trigger off the tooth and other negative phenomena
(2) Suitable for welding large overall performance, large hardness serrated observed blade.
(three) Provide welding arts, set up easy and valuable ease.
(four) Compared to thyristor medium frequency furnace, help save power ten-30%.
(5)Can complete minimum and highest head welding, all types of electrical power, the frequency for your choice.

three. Induction welding equipment Transformer parameters:

  1. Ability selection: 300KVA–3000KVA
  2. Frequency range: .1KHz–500KHz
  3. Induction device transformer functions:

CZPT Transformer—-practical operation, single switch ratio, require to change the induction coil to match the device.
Multi-ratio Transformer—-suited for all types of induction coils, used for all varieties of occasion, just requirements to modify the switch ratio is alright.
Coaxial Transformer—power focus, modest volume, but the turn ratio is solitary, greater suitable for a mounted load.

three.Induction welding equipment Induction coil introduction

one.CZPT parameters:
  made by the customers’ in depth technical specifications.

Ø  Magnetic field distribution and design and style are exact, substantial successful, and power-preserving.
Ø  Use with the magnetizer, effortless to adjust the magnetic area intensity.
Ø  Straightforward disassembly, exchangeability.
Ø  Fastness and toughness.

four. Induction Welding CZPT Cooling CZPT Chiller

five.Induction welding machinery software instances

6.induction welding machinery  FAQ
one. What is your edge to select Ketchan induction heater?

We have a specific crew for after-sale support 24*seven. We will get the video clip of the machine’s managing just before supply for your affirmation. We have got CE certificate which fulfills the CZPTpean regular. Ketchan will take good quality as our society. 
two. If our machine meets fault, how could you assist us to fix it?

The thorough fault description and pictures should be informed to us. Our engineer will judge which part is difficulties, then supply the advice and equipment list you want. If some difficulties can not be solved by way of conversation, the engineer will be dispatched to debug onsite according to your needs.
three. what is your warranty?
Our all machines’ common warranty is twelve months from the date of signing the turning above the doc following commission.


High Frequency Induction Welding Heater for Motor Rotor Heating Brazing Welding