Dmp Series Three-Phase Customer Customized Variable Frequency Motor

Dmp Series Three-Phase Customer Customized Variable Frequency Motor

Overview of products

DMP series motor with inverter device can recognize stepless pace regulation, which is dependent on DM sequence 3-phase asynchronous motor by Self-study and advancement, and can get to strength preserving and automatic control.

Features and Advantages

DMP sequence motor functions High effectiveness, wide velocity assortment, higher accuracy, steady procedure, easy operation and maintenance. And mounting dimension comply with IEC normal.
The doing work manner is steady procedure(S1)
1,CAD technologies has been used into the motor layout. In purchase to adapt the motor to SPWM and PWM fed by variable-frequency electricity, slot type of stator and rotor, and stator winding distribution are taken into thing to consider to acquire a suited inductance price to suppress and lessen the adverse influence induced by harmonics.
2,The margin is taken into thing to consider when electromagnetic load of the motor is made, which can not only ensure overload potential of motor at substantial-frequency operation but also keep constant torque output in reduced-frequency operation. The functions of the motor is the robust overload ability and it can withstand one hundred fifty%overload of rated torque for one moment. And the motor attributes the excellent functionality at the reduced-speed .It has easy torque at a minimal-pace procedure and the-motor runs CZPT creeping. Additionally, insulation system of motor is the insulation class F extensively utilised by international local community, which is reputable and whose functionality is exceptional. For layout, mounting dimension of the motor is the exact same as DM sequence of motor, which is convenient for clients to decide on
three,The motor adopts impartial ventilated cooling composition. Axial unbiased cooling supporter is found at the non-shaft extension aspect. The motor characteristics high proficiently, minimal sounds, simple construction and the motor is ideal to fit auxiliary gear these kinds of as the encoder, tachometer, and brake, and so on., which guarantee that the temperature rise if motor at a reduced speed operation will not exceed constrained worth.

The principal complex info

1. Rated voltage:380V
two. Rated frequency:50Hz
three. The type of cooling: IC416
4. Underneath the condition of U/F, continuous-torque velocity regulation is kind 3 to 50Hz and continuous-electrical power speed regulation is from fifty-100Hz.
five. Insulation course: F
6. The diploma of protection for enclosure is IP54, also can be manufactured into IP55.
seven. The motor is Y link for 3KW and under while delta relationship for 4KW and previously mentioned.
8. Components can be included as necessary, this kind of as encoder, brake, temperature measurer, thermal security, and many others. See sample for kind variety.

Principal application places

DMP collection motor has been applied in transmission products of velocity regulation, this kind of as steel rolling, crane, transportation, device, printing and dyeing, paper-generating, chemical, textile, medicine, and so on. It matches with different inverter gadget. It with high precision sensor can realize close-loop procedure.

Dmp Series Three-Phase Customer Customized Variable Frequency Motor