Buying NEMA34 Stepper Motor- Bracket as as a Present

Buying NEMA34 Stepper Motor- Bracket as as a Present

Large efficiency stepper motor&solNEMA34 stepper motor&solstepper motor with fragile add-ons

CZPT Specification&colon

&lparITEM&rpar &lparSpecification&rpar
Step angle 1&period2°
Tempareture Increase 80ºC max
Ambient Temperature Range -20ºC – &plus50ºC
Insulation Resistance 100M&ohm Min&period of time&comma 500VDC
Dielectric Strength five hundred VAC for 1s 3mA
Shaft Radial Enjoy &period02 Max&period&lpar450g-load&rpar
Shaft Axial Perform &period08 Max&time period&lpar450g-load&rpar
Max&period radial pressure 75N&lpar20mm from the flange&rpar
Max&period of time axial drive 15N

CZPTal Technical specs&colon

Model No&period  
Phase Angle
Motor Size Current
Holding Torque  
Detent Torque
Rotor Inertia  
&lpar °&rpar &lparL&rparmm A &ohm mH N&periodm No&time period Kg&periodcm g&periodcm Kg
JK86HS67-5904 1&period8 66 5&period9 &period28 one&period7 3&period4 four &period8 a thousand 1&period7
JK86HS67-2808 one&period8 sixty six 2&period8 1&period4 3&period9 3&period4 8 &period8 a thousand one&period7
JK86HS78-5504 1&period8 seventy eight 5&period5 &period46 4 4&period6 four 1&period2 1400 two&period3
JK86HS78-4208 1&period8 78 four&period24 &period75 three&period4 4&period6 eight one&period2 1400 two&period3
JK86HS115-6004 1&period8 one hundred fifteen 6 &period6 six&period5 eight&period7 4 2&period4 2700 three&period8
JK86HS115-4208 one&period8 one hundred fifteen 4&period2 &period9 six 8&period7 8 2&period4 2700 3&period8
JK86HS155-6204 one&period8 153 6&period2 &period75 nine 12 4 three&period6 4000 five&period4
JK86HS155-4208 one&period8 153 4&period2 1&period25 8 twelve 8 3&period6 4000 5&period4


 Used for robots stepper motor&comma
 electronic automated tools stepping motor&comma
 medical instrument stepping motor&comma
 advertising instrument stepper motor&comma
 lighting& audio products stepper motor&comma
 printer stepper motor&comma textile equipment stepper motor&interval
 Cnc router stepper motor&period of time
We aslo source Stepper motor Kits&comma linear stepper motor&comma Dc motor&comma Brake stepper motor&comma Stepper motor with Encoder&comma Versatile Coupling&comma Pully&comma Energy supply&comma Breakout Board and so on&interval&time period

Buying NEMA34 Stepper Motor- Bracket as as a Present